Egg Donor Pay

When you participate in egg donation, you give Intended Parents an incomparable gift — one that we believe should be rewarded. While nothing compares to the joy of being able to give the miracle of life, your altruistic decision requires a significant investment of time, energy and effort. This is why, at International Surrogacy Center, we offer generous egg donation compensation, in addition to covering the various costs that can be incurred through the process. Below is a breakdown of how our egg donor pay works.

Do Egg Donors Get Paid?

Yes. Our donors are compensated for every donation.

How Much Do You Get Paid to Donate Eggs?

As far as how much do you get paid to be an egg donor, at International Surrogacy Center, our range starts at $10,000 to 15,000 and goes up from there. Each situation is unique, so if you are curious to know what your reimbursement would be, contact us directly for more information.

What Other Costs Are Covered?

In addition to egg donor payment, we also cover the costs of several other expenses. Should you need to travel to appointments, the cost of your gas or airfare will be covered. Likewise, if you need to book lodging, pay for parking, get food or deal with other expenses in the process, these are all covered on your behalf. Additionally, we take care of the costs for any psychological or medical evaluations and medical expenses that come up with your egg retrieval, as well as legal fees.

Are Their Disqualifications for Payment?

Yes. Smoking disqualifies donors. Additionally, to qualify for remuneration, donation must take place in the agreed-upon timeframe.

In addition to egg donation, International Surrogacy Center can help you become or find a surrogate, providing assistance through every aspect of the surrogacy journey. Learn more about surrogacy, surrogate compensation and frequently asked questions, or reach out to us anytime via our contact page.