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Why Become a Surrogate?

Help Another Couple Experience the Joys of Parenthood

Helping another family bring a child into the world is a profound, life-changing gift. If the thought of helping others to become parents fills your heart, being a surrogate mother could be your opportunity to share the joy of parenthood with a couple who very much wants a child.

Provide Your Own Family with Security and Support

First time surrogates typically earn up to $60,000 in compensation for their generous service. With these earnings, our surrogate mothers are able to support and help their own families grow.

Purchase a New Home

Save For Your Kids’ College Fund

Go Back to School

Pay Off Your Debts

Apply to become a Surrogate with International Surrogacy Center


Apply to become a Surrogate with International Surrogacy Center

Requirements to Become a Surrogate

International Surrogacy Center is looking for women with the desire to help others fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. To ensure our surrogates are happy and healthy, applicants must meet the following requirements:

Be between ages

Be raising children
of her own

Have a BMI
less than 33

Be a US citizen or
permanent resident

Be tobacco and
drug free

Have no history of
childbirth complications

Becoming a Surrogate Starts Here

It only takes 5 minutes to find out if you qualify to become a surrogate! Fill out the form below to start your pre-qualification screening. An International Surrogacy Center team member will reach out shortly with more information for qualified candidates.