Our Egg Donors

With one of the top Egg Donor Programs available, the ISC’s Surrogacy Program, as an integral part of the family creation process provides expert assistance for choosing the best egg donor available.

Through ISC’s innovative approach to delivering an egg donors information through a profile, our clients have the power to choose based on genetic affinity, rather than an industry-dictated paradigm. Knowing that egg donation is a positive experience when Intended Parents are presented with a balanced choice.

ISC’s egg donors come from culturally and professionally diverse backgrounds, ranging anywhere from students and actresses to engineers and teachers and coming from all over the country. All of our donors have a unique zest for life and share the same high standards for personal achievement. Our donors are highly intelligent, creative and charismatic and HEALTHY; attributes that will not only meet, but surely exceed, your expectations for finding your child’s genetic contributor.

If you do not find a donor that fits to your liking ISC will help you find one through another company and work with them to get you exactly what you are looking for.