About International Surrogacy Center

 “Together we make dreams come true”

The ISC staff is comprised of individuals who are caring, sincere and passionate about surrogacy. Most of our staff have been Surrogates themselves, and our personal experiences enable us to understand this beautiful process in an authentic way. We have experienced first-hand the joy of seeing the Intended Parents we helped as they held their baby in their arms for the first time!

We have an immense gratitude for the wonderful women that decide to be a part of such an incredible journey. We are compassionate and understanding towards ALL Intended Parents that choose Surrogacy as their means to having a baby. We help parents from all over the world, but our Surrogates are located in the USA and are treated by the finest IVF Doctors in the country. ISC prides itself on being transparent and honest with our Intended Parents and Surrogates from the very beginning.

Our mission is to provide guidance, support, comfort, and compassion during this amazing journey. It is our goal to help both Intended Parents and Surrogates navigate successfully through their journey utilizing our experience, professionalism, and elite network of proven industry professionals. The staff at ISC is dedicated to making your journey one of the best experiences of your life. We know how much joy this experience can bring to not only the Intended Parents, but also to the Surrogates and their families.

We would love to be a part of this miraculous journey with you!

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The International Surrogacy Center Team

The staff at International Surrogacy Center is made up of dedicated and caring women who are passionate about the surrogacy process and helping others achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Maria Valencia



Francesca Kennedy

Executive Director


Experienced Gestational Carrier

Valorie Arnold

Director of Surrogate Intake


Experienced Gestational Carrier

Aimee Aldrete

Intake Assistant/Match Coordinator


Experienced Gestational Carrier

Arianna Shelter

Director of Case Management


Experienced Gestational Carrier

Samantha Barnholtz

Case Manager


Experienced Gestational Carrier

Lindsay Greene

Case Manager


Experienced Gestational Carrier

Corinne Day

Accounting Manager/French Coordinator


Lauren Arnold

Accounting Assistant


Megan Arnold

Office Assistant