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For Our Surrogates

Because you are a mother yourself, you understand the joys that motherhood brings. If the thought of helping another couple become parents fills your heart, being a surrogate could be your opportunity to share the joy of parenthood with a person or couple who very much wants a child. Carrying a child for another family is a profound, life-changing gift.

Your decision to become a surrogate is a generous gift to intended parent(s), but it is also a serious responsibility. Our surrogate organization offers you around-the-clock support with our team-oriented approach to guide you through each step of this process. We encourage surrogate-to-surrogate relationships because we understand that this is essential for a positive experience. We provide opportunities for our surrogates to connect with other surrogates through our planned monthly activities.

The compensation you receive for allowing another person or couple to fulfill a dream of parenthood might also allow you to realize your own lifelong dreams, too.

For Our Intended Parents

The road to parenthood is sometimes rocky and difficult. At International Surrogacy Center (ISC), we don’t consider ourselves a “surrogate mother agency,” as the mother is the one who welcomes the child home. Instead, a better term would be “surrogate agency” or “surrogate parent company.” Our international surrogacy programs are backed by years spent helping people become parents through the road less traveled. The couples we help in our program are not restricted by race, religion, sexual preference, marital status or nationality.

Carefully considering your options for surrogacy and choosing an agency with skilled professionals, experience and a proven record of success are very important. ISC wants our intended parents to feel comfortable and confident that our agency will go above and beyond to help guide and support you throughout your journey to parenthood.

We’re anxious to get to know you as intended parent(s), so we can find the surrogate who is a perfect match for you.