The Surrogacy Program at ISC

Our Surrogacy Program

Our Surrogates are caring, committed individuals, who all feel a passionate desire to work with members of all walks of life in building families of choice.

Amazing women in their own right, our Surrogates are mothers of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, who have been accepted into the surrogacy program based on their compassionate character, health and psychological well-being, and their own personal experiences with pregnancy and delivery. With utmost professionalism and sensitivity, our Surrogates are dedicated to contributing to a new life and a new world for you and your family.

For admittance into our Surrogacy Program, our surrogates are fully screened medically, psychologically, criminally, and financially. Only about 4 in 10 surrogate applicants are approved during the rigorous screening process, which ensures that your surrogate is 100% committed to your success upon entering the program. Roughly 70% of our surrogates are in California but we also accept surrogates from other “surrogacy- friendly” states. This makes it easier on those wondering about the “surrogacy programs near me” throughout the U.S. Our surrogate services help make the process just a little easier on you because we meet all our surrogates in person or via video conference to ensure an optimum experience.

Tired of searching for “surrogacy programs near me”? Look no further! We’re a top-rated surrogacy center you can rely on as you embark on this incredible journey.

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