Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Compensation Fee Sheet

First-time surrogate base compensation varies based on location. California surrogates typically earn between $55,000.00-$65,000.00 (compensation package vary per surrogacy as each pregnancy is different).

Proven surrogate compensation packages vary, please call our intake department for more details at (619) 591-9113, Ext. 1

Monthly misc. allowance (this fee is to cover local mileage, gas, parking, childcare, etc.)

Health insurance (if the policy needs to be taken out, paid by Intended Parents up to 3 months past delivery) Monthly premium varies

Life insurance (one year term, $250,000 policy)
up to $450.00

IVF embryo transfer fee $1,000.00

Dropped or canceled cycle fee $250.00

Maternity clothing allowance $800.00/$1,000.00

Support group meeting (optional) $100.00/month

Invasive procedure (amniocentesis, cvs, cerclage, D&C, uterine biopsy, cyst aspiration) $500.00

Termination or reduction fee starts at $1,000.00

C-Section $3,000.00

Multiples fee $5,000.00

Housekeeping $100.00/biweekly (upon confirmation of heartbeat ultrasound)

Doctor ordered bed rest (this fee covers Housekeeping and Childcare ) $250.00/week

Travel expenses (if surrogate lives further than 50 miles from the IVF clinic, she is paid .50/mile after the first 50 miles) .50/mile

Medication start fee $250.00

Spa weekend (paid by agency)

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