Requirements To Be A Surrogate

Carrying a child for another family is an incredible gift — and a big responsibility. We deeply understand this at International Surrogacy Center, where over half our staff have been surrogates themselves. It’s why we have established specific requirements to become a surrogate. Some of the qualifications to become a surrogate are easy to measure; others are less straightforward. The criteria to be a surrogate includes, for example, the requirement to devote time, energy and exceptional levels of commitment to the experience.

What all our surrogacy requirements have in common is how important they are to making the experience positive, life-changing and able to result in an extraordinary outcome, for yourself and the intended parents. Our surrogates are loving and caring people who want to help other families grow. They are mothers themselves and understand the joy that children bring to a family.

Requirements for Being a Surrogate

Health Requirements

From a medical health standpoint, there are a variety of surrogate qualifications that participants must meet, regarding age, weight, past pregnancies and lifestyle habits. These include:

  • Being between the ages of 21-40
  • A BMI no higher than 33
  • A history of giving birth to and now be raising at least one child of your own
  • No major complications during previous pregnancies or deliveries
  • NON-smoker
  • NOT taking any illegal substances or medications that have not been prescribed by a physician

Lifestyle Requirements

There are additional requirements beyond the physical, too. In order to serve as a surrogate with ISC, you also need to fit the following characteristics:

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a positive support system to help you throughout the surrogacy
  • Reliable transportation for appointments

Ultimately, surrogates need to be in a position where they can handle the additional time and preparation involved with the surrogacy journey. We recommend that women apply when they know they have the time and support they need to make the surrogacy journey a priority.

Financial Requirements

Although surrogacy provides compensation in a variety of ways, surrogates should be able to afford to live their lives otherwise. Surrogacy should not be the only form of income. We may consider applicants who receive government assistance, but it depends on the type and extent of the assistance. While the surrogacy compensation covers appointments, procedures, and stipends for clothing and other needs, we expect that our surrogates can still generally support their families with other income.

Legal Requirements

Given that surrogacy is a fairly new concept for the law, rules from state to state can vary significantly. In many states, gestational carrier requirements include proving that surrogates are over age 21, have had a child before, and can go through a physical and mental health screening. These screenings confirm that surrogates can handle the physical and mental stress of the IVF process and pregnancy. We also perform a background screening, and we may restrict applicants who have criminal records.

Requirements by State

Our surrogate criteria also involves living in a U.S. state that is friendly to surrogacy. Although state laws may have a lot of similarities, some states simplify the process more than others. For example, some states allow legal representatives to start establishing parental rights for the intended parents prior to the end of the pregnancy, while other states require this paperwork to start after the birth. Some states set limits on the intended parents, as well.

Why Should I Choose ISC?

At International Surrogacy Center, we specialize in helping surrogates and intended parents navigate the complicated and rewarding process of surrogacy. We establish requirements to be a surrogate that give our surrogates the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and a reliable result for the intended parents. For surrogates who meet our requirements, we provide continual support throughout the journey, including financial benefits, monthly Zoom support group meetings, and more. We aim to create the best environment for surrogates and intended parents alike to feel that their needs are important and prioritized throughout the process.

If you have any questions about surrogacy or the requirements of becoming a surrogate, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our offices (619) 591-9113 (CA) or (303) 539-9345 (CO). We are happy to clarify and discuss any concerns that you may have prior to taking the next step. For those that meet the surrogate requirements and would like to move forward with our program, we invite you to fill out our initial contact form.