Finding A Surrogate

Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy

If you’re looking for an extraordinary surrogacy agency in California that also provides services nationwide, you’ve come to the right place. Becoming parents through surrogacy is an overwhelming decision and process, let International Surrogacy Center minimize your worries. We are committed to finding a Surrogate that you can build a relationship with and trust every step of the way. The match between future parents and their Surrogate is essential for a joyous experience.

Our Surrogacy Agency services include:

  • Interviewing / Approving each Surrogate personally
  • Matching you with the most suitable Surrogate based on your preferences
  • Guiding intended parents, donors and Surrogate through the screening process (criminal, psychological and medical) as well as updates to the parents every step of the way
  • Assisting both parties with obtaining medical and life insurance
  • Assisting your Surrogate with any travel arrangements if travel is required
  • Providing emotional support to both you and your Surrogate through medications, pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Monitoring your Surrogate through monthly support group meetings
  • Returning any unused funds to the parent within 6 months after delivery
  • Referring you and your Surrogate to attorneys for legal contracts / parental rights
  • Coordinating all medical appointments with you, your Surrogate and IVF clinic and updating parents
  • Managing and disbursing payments through an insured escrow company or trust account
  • Attending selected medical appointments upon request from parents
  • Making sure all parental documents are completed in a timely manner and a copy is sent to the delivering hospital
  • Making sure all parties involved are handled with grace and integrity
  • Ensuring an all-around great experience to you and the Surrogate

Our surrogacy center wants you as parents to feel involved with all areas of the pregnancy. If you are unable to attend appointments or keep in contact with your Surrogate we will make sure you are informed of key information and photo updates through emails. We know that this is a major event in your life and dear to your heart, therefore, we want to make you feel secure and calm about your decision to allow us into your future. No matter how close or far you are we will stay connected to guide you through this exciting journey.

Additionally, ISC’s staff members’ knowledge of several languages, including Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish, will assist you with translation during the consultation stage. In addition, ISC can recommend clinics whose doctors are fluent in your language.

Unlike other agencies that charge fees before they have found your match, our agency wants you to feel comfortable and sure when choosing a Surrogate, before you commit. We match our clients before any agency fee is paid, our fee is a one-time fee. Our agency fee is not paid until the Surrogate you have chosen to work with is medically cleared! Contact us today to set up your cost-free consultation to find a Surrogate. Our goal is to make this the happiest time of your life.

Get started on your journey to parenthood now.