From Happy Surrogates and New Parents

A very serious and professional agency with very good follow-up of intended parents. They assisted us every step along the journey from choosing our surrogate to the last administrative formalities. ISC also provides french-speaking support which was very helpfull ! A special thanks to Samantha who took care of us with great professionalism and responsiveness in the crazy context of COVID-19.

— Olivier / New Parent

“Becoming a Surrogate was one of the best decisions I have ever made. No other greater gift in life.”

— Anna / Surrogate

“OMG, I have never worked with such amazing people before! They helped me and my husband find a wonderful surrogate who was like a part of our family! Thank you ISC!”

— Amy / New Mother

“Thanks to ISC I have been blessed with my twin girls!! Will definitely recommend them. I will be coming back aiming for my baby boy!!”

— Xavi and Miguel / New Parent

Best experience ever!!! The staff at ISC is so awesome! They made me feel so comfortable and helped me with any questions I had. I would recommend them to anyone!!! They made me feel like family and that they really cared about me!! ISC is wonderful!!!

— Melissa

International Surrogacy Center is everything you could hope for and even didn't know you needed in a surrogate agency. Every member of the staff is knowledgeable and caring. From the surrogate perspective, I was well informed every step of the way and they streamlined all of the work involved.  The intended parents that I was matched with also shared a similar sentiment. This was my first time as a surrogate and I was so taken up by ISC! Thanks to the efforts of this agency, I now have wonderful relationship with a new mother and father to whom I delivered a healthy baby boy, just 5 weeks ago ?

— Kelly / Surrogate

I am so happy I choose to come to the ISC for my surrogate journey. Everyone that works here is so friendly and so helpful. My current work health insurance is covered through my plan but everything else that isn't has been covered by the intended parents. I have not wasted a penny out of my pocket but I have received a payment already at only 6 weeks pregnant. All my bills have been been paid and even one has been so helpful. I recommend the ISC to anyone who is interested in being a surrogate.

— Becky / Surrogate

I had a great first experience with this agency. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on August 20th of this year. The ladies here are full of positive energy and are very attentive. Considering a second journey with this agency.

— Bianca / Surrogate

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to ISC for believing in us, supporting us and guiding us, seamlessly and professionally. Every single member of the team is so positive, helpful and friendly. Our case manager was readily available to go over an above any expectation we ever had to ensure our experience was smooth and seamless.

Our journey started 7 years ago, with another agency, which is in no way comparable to ISC. We have been through 4 miscarriages/chemical pregnancies, 3 egg collections and 3 surrogates, to finally have our most precious baby girl join our lives and make us happy parents.

We have been fortunate enough to be matched with a loving, caring and strong surrogate, to who we owe our eternal gratitude, for her care, her devotion and extremely positive approach, which made our miracle happen, our dreams come true. She never let us down and through her positive demeanour, attitude and belief, we knew she was the chosen one to help us transition to a lovely journey into parenthood.

I cannot speak any more highly of ISC, our case manager, and our surrogate.

— Leonie/ New Parent

We became dads thanks to this wonderful team of previous surrogates that is taking a amazing care of yourself all along the journey. We much appreciated the whole help during our stay in the US before and after birth. We had not much time to take think of all the paperwork and ISC was always here for us. Our surrogate also loved the team. I defintely would recommend ISC's team for your family building journey

— Vincent / New Parent