Agency Fees

Surrogacy Agency Fees

In order to provide our Intended Parents with a qualified and reliable surrogate, ISC helps facilitate a number of screenings and processes on your behalf. The fees below cover the costs of these screenings. Please contact us for more details!

Surrogate Screening Fees:

(these fees are due once the match is confirmed)

Criminal Screening: $200.00

Psychological Screening for Surrogate $800.00

Criminal Screening for Intended Parents $300.00

Professional Fees:

(this fee is due once Surrogate has passed criminal, psychological and medical screening)

Agency Retainer Fee (Surrogate) Contact us!

Surrogate Legal fees:

(this fee is taken from the Escrow Account/client account)

Surrogate Legal Contract Review $1,500.00

Surrogate Parental Establishment Review $500.00