Surrogate Costs & Fees

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Surrogacy Agency Fees

In order to provide our Intended Parents with a qualified and reliable Surrogate, ISC helps facilitate a number of screenings and processes on your behalf. These screenings provide the information we need to make sure that our surrogates will be a good match for intended parents. The fees below cover the costs of these screenings. Please contact us for more details!

Screening fees

Screening fees for the surrogate: (these fees are due once the match is confirmed by ISC)

Background screening for surrogate and husband/boyfriend/partner. In some cases, we also include other adults living in the household. We aim to confirm that each adult in the household can help to support a healthy surrogacy journey.

Mental health screening for surrogate and husband/boyfriend/partner

Surrogate screenings: $1,500.00

Screening for Intended parent(s): 

Criminal screening for intended parents
(for a single intended parent deduct $200.00 from the total)

Mental health consultation for intended parents

            Intended parent screenings: $1,100.00

Total screening fees due at matching: $2,600.00

** If an intended parent has a recent mental health screening, we can review it and inform them if it is acceptable. If this is the case, we will deduct $500.00 from the screening total above.

Surrogacy agency fees

 Agency management fee:  

This fee is due once the Surrogate has passed criminal, mental health, and medical screening and is non-negotiable. We will not charge this fee until the surrogate is medically cleared, which typically takes 3-5 months. This fee allows intended parents to retain ISC as an agency for the surrogacy journey. This is for ONE SURROGATE match only. In the event, your surrogate voluntarily or involuntarily discontinues her participation in the surrogacy process prior to completing the first embryo transfer or if the surrogate is medically denied (before completing the first embryos transfer) ISC will rematch the Intended Parents with a new surrogate without an additional agency management fee.

Agency retainer fee (surrogate) $45,000

(Optional) Loss protection coverage program:

This additional program allows you, the client, the ability to change surrogates as many times as needed.  The fee for this program, if elected, is due once the Surrogate has passed the criminal, psychological and medical screening and is non-negotiable and not refundable.  This is only valid for 3 years. 

Loss protection fee – $5,000

Surrogate fees deposited in an escrow account/client account:

This is an estimation of funds needed for the surrogacy journey, one estimation will be sent to you mid-way through the pregnancy. You will see the estimated deposit amount for each surrogate on the profile. Surrogate fees are to be deposited after legal contracts are completed.

First time surrogate deposit-  $65,000.00-$80,000.00

Proven surrogate deposit – $80,000.00- $100,000.00

If your surrogate has an insurance policy that requires a lien, you will need to deposit the lien amount at confirmation of pregnancy by heartbeat ultrasound. Liens can vary from 1/3  to the full amount of the surrogate’s base compensation.

A minimum balance of $10,000.00 will need to be in the account at all times, this is to cover any unexpected bills or situations. 

Possible Insurance Fees:

Insurance enrollment for your Surrogate: Paid to the insurance broker. This fee is payable if the Intended Parent needs to take out an insurance policy for the surrogate. Surrogates may have insufficient coverage for the surrogacy journey.

$450.00 (estimation)

If the surrogate has her own insurance, it is required by the attorneys to have it reviewed by an insurance specialist to make sure it covers a surrogacy pregnancy. This review will need to be done early in the match to check the policy and also during each of the Surrogate’s open enrollment period. The insurance policy might need to be reviewed more than one time in a journey if the surrogate’s insurance is renewed/updated.

$300.00/per review (estimation)

Surrogates Legal Fees:

This fee is taken from the escrow account/client account after contracts are completed.

Surrogate Legal Contract Review with her attorney $1,500-$2,500

Surrogate Paternity Establishment Review (at 25 weeks of pregnancy) $500.00-$1,500

The legal fees vary by attorney and the state the surrogate lives in. To avoid conflict of interest, your surrogate must have a different attorney than the intended parent is using. We recommend that surrogates take time to review documentation with legal support. We provide a list of attorneys for the surrogate to choose from to represent her.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does surrogacy cost from state to state?

The cost of surrogacy in the U.S. depends on several aspects, including location, the surrogate’s experience, and other factors. Intended parents can expect to pay $125,000 to $175,000 or more. Choosing a surrogate who has completed a successful surrogacy journey may cost more, as well as those who live in states with friendly surrogacy laws. For example, demand for surrogates in California typically rises higher than other states, which means that intended parents may pay more for a surrogate living there. The price for legal fees and insurance may differ among states, as well. As a rule, surrogacy costs vary minimally across major metropolitan areas.

How much does surrogacy cost for international intended parents?

Many intended parents who live outside the United States look for U.S. surrogates. In these instances, surrogate cost tends to be higher for a variety of reasons. The agency may charge the same rate to domestic and international intended parents, but they could charge more depending on legal requirements or other factors. Intended parents should confirm these details when they schedule an initial consult with ISC.

Generally, the gestational carrier cost does not include the expenses of travel to the surrogate’s location. Intended parents usually need to travel for the IVF process, especially if they are planning to provide genetic material. They will also need to travel to the surrogate’s location for the birth. Additionally, intended parents typically need to stay in the surrogate’s   for a variable amount of time to apply for and receive the baby’s passport. If intended parents want to visit the surrogate more than these times, they should budget for these plans as well.

How can I manage the costs of surrogacy?

Given the price of surrogacy, intended parents may need to take time and pursue opportunities to help support the surrogate cost. Many intended parents work on increasing their savings as much as they can, to minimize the expense they will have to finance and pay for after the surrogacy journey is complete. In addition to savings, intended parents may consider applying for loans, using credit cards, crowdfunding, and other financing options. At ISC, we are happy to discuss financing with intended parents to help find ways to manage the surrogate price.

Why should I choose International Surrogacy Center?

At ISC, we have years of experience helping intended parents complete their families with qualified surrogates who want to provide a priceless gift to others. With experience working with surrogates and intended parents across the U.S. and beyond, we understand the legal, financial, and other ramifications of the surrogacy process. Our expertise as an agency (and as surrogates, in many cases) allows us to provide intended parents with the best advice and support throughout the process. We can help intended parents understand what to expect for surrogate cost and help them plan for an ideal result from the surrogacy journey.

At International Surrogacy Center, we aim to provide transparent cost estimates that help you make the right choice for your surrogacy plans. Apply now to learn more about our processes, schedule a consultation, or ask questions about our services.