Single Father Surrogacy

These days, it is important to remember parenthood doesn’t have to require a partner. With the increase in the popularity and availability of reproductive technology and surrogacy, you can become a father, whether or not you have a long-term partner. Many men decide that they want to be fathers and finding a spouse doesn’t always provide the easiest solution. If you’re thinking about single father surrogacy, we can help you explore your options and understand what you can expect from the process.


For the most part, you can expect the single dad surrogacy process to be quite similar to the process for couples. You’ll need to choose a surrogacy agency and verify that you can meet the financial and screening requirements. Common steps of the process include:

  • Meeting with the agency to determine if it will be a good fit for your surrogacy goals
  • Completing a screening
  • Providing proof that you can afford the costs of the surrogacy
  • Considering surrogate options within the agency
  • Beginning the surrogacy journey, which includes preparation, IVF, and progress through the pregnancy
  • Working with legal experts to establish parentage

The main difference between single father surrogacy and couple surrogacy is that you’ll need an egg donor to complete the IVF process. There may be other differences, depending on the surrogacy laws for the surrogate’s location.


When you consider your options to become a single father, it’s common to think about adoption and surrogacy. You should compare the two before you invest too much time into either process, keeping these factors in mind:

  • Adoption can take years to complete, and it may have a higher failure rate than surrogacy.
  • You can’t choose a birth parent, but you have influence over the surrogates with whom you’ll match.
  • You may be able to provide sperm for the surrogacy, while you probably wouldn’t be biologically related to an adopted child.
  • Surrogacy may have more straightforward laws to establish parentage, while you might have difficulties terminating parental rights for an adoption.

If you have questions or concerns about how to choose between surrogacy and adoption, we can help you understand the differences between each process.


At International Surrogacy Center, we believe that a single man and a surrogate mother can work together to create a wonderful family. Although the correct term is “gestational surrogate,” we recognize the important contribution that our surrogates make for your family goals. With our surrogacy services, we can help you find the best way to become a single father. To learn more, contact us to become a father today.