Becoming a mother is a dream for millions of women, and there are several ways that you can achieve this goal. Many women want to experience the joy of parenthood, but they can’t or don’t want to go through the experience of pregnancy. If you’re thinking about how you can fulfill your goal to be a parent but you don’t have a partner, you may want to consider surrogacy for single woman. At International Surrogacy Center, we can show you what to expect and help you make the right decision for your family plans.


Much like the surrogacy process for couples, single mother surrogacy starts by choosing a surrogacy agency and confirming that you can meet the requirements. The process includes:

  • Scheduling an appointment with a surrogacy agency to discuss the process and goals, to determine if the agency is right for you
  • Verifying your financial information to confirm that you can pay for the surrogacy journey
  • Finding a surrogate through the agency
  • Starting the surrogacy process with a surrogate
  • Establishing parentage according to local laws

In the United States, you can generally expect single parent surrogacy to follow surrogacy for couples. Choosing a surrogate outside of the U.S. could add further requirements, depending on the laws concerning single parenthood in the surrogate’s country.


If you are thinking about the best ways to create or complete your family, you may want to compare the benefits of adoption and surrogacy as a single mother. Both require a considerable amount of money, plus time to go through the process. Generally, you can distinguish surrogacy from adoption in these ways:

  • Surrogacy may take less time than an adoption, with a lower rate of failure.
  • Surrogacy allows you the option of using your own genetic material, although the ability to do so depends on your age, health, and other factors.
  • Adoption requires a termination of the parents’ rights to the child, while surrogacy usually has a straightforward, easier process.

If you have additional questions about the difference between surrogacy and adoption, we’re happy to assist.


At International Surrogacy Center, we can help you achieve your parenting goals at the right time for you. Our surrogacy for single woman services allow you to become an active part of the surrogacy journey from beginning to end even if you’re not carrying the pregnancy. We provide excellent support to intended parents and surrogates alike. Contact us to start the path to become a mother today!