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Navigating the surrogacy journey can be overwhelming. From the complexities of becoming an intended parent to meeting all that’s required of a gestational surrogate, the process may turn out to be quite a challenge. Here at International Surrogacy Center (ISC), we help prospective surrogates and families overcome the difficulties one step at a time.

You can depend on our honesty, authenticity, and expertise throughout this beautiful, life-changing experience. As most of the ISC staff have been surrogates themselves, we have a deeply personal connection to surrogacy and are dedicated to giving you as rewarding an experience as possible at our California surrogate center.

What to Expect at a California Surrogate Center

Before resolving to become a California surrogate, it’s best everyone involved has an idea of what to expect. First and foremost, it’s important to be aware that each state has its own statutes on surrogacy. Fortunately, California surrogacy laws are very supportive and backed by longstanding case law. As a result, the Golden State is widely recognized as a surrogacy-friendly state.

Although every surrogacy journey is unique, there are standard policies and recommendations for those getting started. It begins with researching the surrogacy agencies in your area and selecting one that shares your views and vision. You’ll also want to ensure the agency has legal experts specializing in surrogacy law to help you better understand the legal ins and outs. Remember, this is at least a yearlong commitment so consider your options wisely.

Once you’ve chosen an agency, you’ll complete an application and a subsequent interview. During this meeting, the process will be further explained and any questions you may have are answered. A profile will be created of the surrogate to match her with the most suitable intended parents. The agency will do its best to match the surrogate with intended parents who are the best fit based on shared expectations, medical compatibility, and personality traits. After matching, there is a series of medical examinations for the surrogate and contracts are signed on both sides. These contracts generally cover all parties’ rights, responsibilities, and any necessary financial arrangements.

After the surrogate is found to be in good physical and mental condition, the intended parents typically undergo fertility treatments to produce a viable embryo. Using in-vitro fertilization, the embryo is then implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. Throughout the surrogate’s pregnancy journey, the surrogacy center continues to provide support for her as well as the intended parents. This includes regular check-ins, counseling, and other services to ensure everyone involved has a positive and healthy experience.

Finally, the big day arrives and the surrogate gives birth to the intended parents’ new baby. This is usually the point at which the agency ensures all the legalities are taken care of, including obtaining parental rights for the intended parents. With the proper legal expertise, the agency can ensure the smoothest possible transition. Following the delivery, your agency will continue to remain in touch with you to make sure the surrogate and the intended parents have the support they need to ease into their new situations.

Surrogacy Costs and Compensation

California surrogates are rightly compensated for their time and devotion and for taking on the associated potential health risks of pregnancy. How much does a surrogate mother cost in California? At International Surrogacy Center, surrogate costs range between $65,000 to $75,000 and are paid by the intended parents. These funds are set up in a trust/escrow account with ISC to help facilitate a more cordial relationship throughout the pregnancy.

Together with the surrogate compensation, the intended parents cover the costs if a new health insurance policy is required. To help watch over California surrogates’ loved ones, a one-year term of life insurance is also provided. Any medical and surrogacy-related expenses — such as medications and doctor-ordered bed rest — are compensated as well.

Entrust Your Journey to the Best Surrogacy Agency in California

Finding the right California surrogate agency for you takes careful consideration. If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate, you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere better than ISC. Out team uses first-hand experience and transparency to guide you through the intricacies of this truly altruistic enterprise. Simply complete our online application and we’ll be in touch soon.

We’ve also helped parents from all across the world connect with California surrogates to make their family whole over the years. Let us be there to support you with compassion and understanding as you embark on this incredible path to parenthood. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation to discuss the matching process and costs, as well as what becoming an intended parent entails.

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You’ll find everything you need and want from a California surrogate agency with ISC. Reach out to us today to learn more and get started!