Whether you’re looking to expand your own family or give the priceless gift of life to another, International Surrogacy Center (ISC) is here for you. Our staff helps families by providing guidance, support, and compassion along this beautiful journey. In fact, most of the staff have a personal connection to surrogacy as they have been surrogates themselves. As one of the best surrogacy agencies in Colorado, our staff is dedicated to making the experience as joyful and rewarding as it can be for both the intended parents and surrogates who we meet at our Colorado location.


Before making the decision to either become a surrogate in Colorado or become a parent through surrogacy, it’s important to understand the process. It begins by researching the surrogacy agencies in your area. You’ll want to make sure the place you choose shares your views and can help you best achieve your goal.

You also need to determine that the agency is properly equipped with legal experts specializing in surrogacy law. These professionals can help familiarize you with Colorado’s surrogacy laws as each state is different. While Colorado is considered a surrogacy-friendly state due to favorable laws, it’s still advised to understand the legal framework and how to establish parentage for surrogacy.

After choosing an agency, the next step in the process is a prescreening and consultation. By meeting with representatives from the agency, you can establish a rapport, ask questions, and share your story. Once approved, prospective surrogates are matched with intended parents and go through a series of medical screenings and examinations. If all goes well, compensation is confirmed and contracts are signed on both sides. The surrogate will then undergo IVF treatments, an embryo will be transferred, and the pregnancy can begin.

When you decide to work with our Colorado surrogacy agency, you’ll be working with dedicated professionals who are ready to help you on your journey. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect when it comes to our process:

  1. Application. Filling out an application is the first step for our surrogates as well as the intended parents who choose to work with us.
  2. An interview with the agency. We’re committed to making sure everyone involved in the surrogacy process will be a good fit for each other and our agency, so we like to get to know them as much as possible.
  3. Compensation is confirmed. When we determine a surrogate mother will be a perfect match with our philosophies, the next step is to discuss arrangements to compensate her time and hard work.
  4. Matching with potential intended parents. We work hard to connect our surrogates with the intended parents that will be the best match for them. That’s because we understand how important this bond will be over the coming nine months.
  5. A medical examination process for the surrogate. Our due diligence ensures that the surrogate mother and the baby she will carry will be in the best of health throughout the pregnancy.
  6. The contract is signed. With everything else out of the way, we make the arrangement official by having both parties sign the surrogacy contract. This means both surrogate and intended parents can begin planning for their special event with confidence.
  7. Pregnancy and childbirth. The embryo transfer process is carried out under close medical supervision. Once it’s complete, all that’s left is to wait nine months and look forward to the big day.
  8. Delighted parents and fulfilled surrogates. Nothing fills us with more joy than seeing our surrogates deliver healthy, happy babies for grateful intended parents. It’s a happy moment for the surrogate, as well, because she has the knowledge that she has helped build a family.


With all that goes into becoming a surrogate, it’s appropriate for her to receive compensation for her time and effort. What does hiring a surrogate cost in Colorado? Here at International Surrogacy Center, gestational surrogates typically earn between $65,000 and $75,000 (or more if they have successfully been a surrogate already). These surrogate costs are paid by the intended parents through a trust/escrow account. It’s important to note, the amount of surrogate compensation can vary because each experience is different.

Along with this compensation, the intended parents also pay for health insurance if a new policy is required. The policy will be paid for throughout the pregnancy and for up to three months after delivery. A one-year term of life insurance is also provided to help safeguard her loved ones. Additionally, ISC coordinates reimbursement for many of the various medical and surrogacy-related expenses that may arise.


Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful process. The ability to make another family whole is truly remarkable and life changing. Of course, it can also be a difficult and complex undertaking. As such, it helps to have the right people at your side. If you’re interested in partnering with ISC, begin by completing our application. We’ll be in touch soon to schedule an interview and answer any questions that you may have.


We at ISC deeply care about the lifelong relationships built through the unique experience of surrogacy in Colorado and elsewhere. To encourage these relationships, we offer monthly Zoom support group meetings so surrogates can connect and share with each other.

Reach out to us today and see just how our expertise, passion, and professionalism have made us into one of the best surrogacy agencies in Colorado. We look forward to accompanying you on this amazing journey!