Michigan Surrogacy

Bringing new life to a family through surrogacy is a beautiful experience. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, there are certain things you should know about the Michigan surrogacy process first. Here at International Surrogacy Center (ISC), we can answer all your questions and help you to reach your goals.

Michigan Surrogacy Laws

Where you reside can play a big role, as the laws surrounding surrogacy differ for each state. In Michigan, the laws are currently not favorable for those seeking compensated surrogacy. Such agreements can even be subject to criminal penalties. What’s more, the contracts for altruistic surrogacies (ones without payment) are not enforceable and may also open someone up to legal risk.

That being said, Michigan residents who want to build their families through gestational surrogacy still have options. Working with an experienced agency, such as ISC, makes the process feasible by matching them with a surrogate in another state with more favorable regulations.

Since the legal ins and outs of surrogacy are complex, it’s crucial to work with an attorney familiar with the laws of your state. Here at ISC, we retain a practiced team of legal experts to help guide both intended parents and surrogates through each state’s legal system.

The Costs of Surrogacy

As mentioned above, surrogate compensation is not permitted and a surrogate mother in Michigan may even be fined. While uncompensated surrogacy is permitted, it’s typically only completed between close friends and family members. At ISC, we compensate gestational surrogacy and use an exclusive matching system as part of our process, therefore, we do not have surrogates in the state.

However, we are here to help couples and singles looking to expand their families via surrogacy. We’ll provide support throughout the process and work to ensure your interests are met every step of the way. Surrogacy costs can vary widely depending on the fertility clinic, location of the surrogate, attorneys, surrogate-specific compensation such as lost wages or health insurance, and many other factors. We are able to discuss surrogacy costs in better detail regarding your unique situation during our free consultation for intended parents.

What to Look for in a Surrogacy Agency

Due to the complexities of surrogacy in Michigan, you need to find an agency to best meet your unique needs. Start by researching all the options available to you. Then, compare the agencies based off location, values, level of experience, customer reviews and so on. Once you’ve reached a decision, schedule a pre-consultation meeting. That way, you can ensure the agency is a great fit for your surrogacy journey.

Here at ISC, we offer compassion and expertise to all those considering the remarkable journey of surrogacy. We also provide a community for our surrogates, complete with monthly Zoom support group meetings, special events, and other opportunities to receive support from others in the same position.

Another factor setting us apart from other agencies is the fact that over half of our staff have been surrogates ourselves. Such valuable, first-hand knowledge gives us a true understanding of the experience and can make a great impact on your own.

Surrogacy Steps

The process for surrogacy generally follows the same blueprint for the states allowing it. An application is completed, and potential surrogates are evaluated, screened, and educated on the process. The steps for intended parents follow a similar progression.

If all the requirements are met, a profile of the surrogate will be created for the intended parents to review. Once both parties have met, a match has been made, and the surrogate has passed all screenings, both parties will with with attorneys to agree to terms, sign contracts and begin the fertility treatment (IVF) stage.

ISC Is Here For You

As one of the top surrogacy agencies in Michigan, we can provide intended parents with all the support they need. For those interested in pursuing gestational surrogacy in the Great Lakes State, we can provide information regarding the laws as well as helpful alternatives.

If you have any questions regarding Michigan surrogacy regulations or the services we provide, please reach out to us today!