Minnesota Surrogacy

When you start to consider becoming a surrogate, it’s important to understand the rules and guidelines related to your state of residence. Hiring an agency to help you determine your rights and responsibilities is an important part of the surrogacy process. If you’re thinking of surrogacy in Minnesota, you should know that International Surrogacy Center offers expert and caring services to surrogates in the state. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan.

Minnesota Surrogacy Laws

Minnesota surrogacy laws do not specifically enshrine protections for the surrogacy process, but they do not ban surrogacy, either. In fact, Minnesota currently has no active legislation controlling surrogacy. As a general rule, gestational surrogacy is legal in Minnesota, for surrogates and intended parents. It’s common to work with an attorney to create a pre-birth parentage order, which establishes parentage during the pregnancy.

With an absence of legislation, it’s not always easy to know which steps you need to follow. You should plan to work with an agency that has experience navigating the process of becoming a surrogate in Minnesota to simplify the experience and better ensure a predictable result.

Costs and Compensation for Surrogacy

As a surrogate, you may wonder about the costs and what you might receive in surrogate compensation. Typically, you can expect to get a base pay for Minnesota surrogacy, with reimbursement for some expenses and a stipend to help you handle other costs. The goal is to minimize your expenses so that you can focus on having a healthy pregnancy. The agency pays for a variety of things, from clinic procedures to pregnancy multivitamins.

Compensation ranges from $65,000 to $80,000, and experienced surrogates can receive more. You’ll get money from the agency at the beginning, throughout the pregnancy and at the conclusion of the process. The intended parents pay the agency to handle tasks related to the surrogacy, averaging $125,000 to $150,000 or more.

Choosing a Surrogacy Agency in Minnesota

Since surrogacy is functionally legal in the state, you can choose from a variety of agencies that will help you become a surrogate in MN. Selecting the right agency for your needs is crucial, since you will rely on it for support, administration of the medical and legal aspects, and compensation throughout the process. You’ll have a better experience with agencies that:

  • Work with surrogates and intended parents in Minnesota
  • Listen to your questions and provide detailed answers
  • Respond to your communications promptly and completely
  • Provide services to help you progress on your surrogacy journey

Take the time to get to know the staff at the surrogacy agency so you can be certain you choose the one that offers the best fit for your surrogacy plans.

How to Start a Surrogacy Journey

Once you decide to become a surrogate mother in MN, you may quickly learn that the correct term is “surrogate.” Before you even begin the process, you have a few things to do:

  • Pick the best time to be a surrogate.
  • Coordinate your plans with your family and friends.
  • Find an agency that offers services in Minnesota.
  • Complete a medical screening.
  • Schedule appointments to start your surrogacy journey.

Intended parents also go through a similar process by choosing a surrogacy agency, arranging to pay fees related to the journey and matching with surrogates.

International Surrogacy Center Provides Expert Assistance

Minnesota surrogacy journeys are easier when you have an agency to help. At International Surrogacy Center, we rely on our experience as surrogates to provide you with expert support and assistance, including friendly staff, monthly Zoom support group meetings and more. To learn more about becoming a surrogate or get started on your journey, contact us today!