New Jersey Surrogacy Agencies

Families are made in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, it takes an incredibly special person to help another family become whole through the gift of surrogacy. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, you’re going to need the right team at your side. You can find that team at International Surrogacy Center (ISC). We’re one of the top New Jersey surrogacy agencies and work to ensure your experience is truly remarkable in every way.

Surrogacy Laws in New Jersey

Research is an essential starting point for every surrogacy journey, as the laws in each state differ. Fortunately, New Jersey is regarded as a supportive state for both gestational carriers and intended parents. In 2018, the New Jersey Gestational Carrier Act was signed to legalize gestational surrogacy and better protect the rights of surrogates, intended parents and the baby as well. Now, the arrangements and pre-birth orders made between the two parties are enforceable by law under certain conditions. At ISC, we retain a legal team to handle these matters and answer all your legal questions about New Jersey surrogacy agencies.

Compensation for New Jersey Surrogates

Payment for gestational surrogates is also protected in the Garden State. While surrogate compensation varies from case to case, a base fee is generally guaranteed. At ISC, we consider compensation to be very deserved for all the time, energy and emotional dedication required of New Jersey surrogates. As such, the women who go through our agency may expect to earn between $65,000 and $75,000.

The women we are proud to partner with also receive benefits that go beyond payment. For instance, we have built a thriving community where surrogates are able to support one another via monthly Zoom meetings, spa weekends and other similar opportunities. After all, surrogacy comes with certain challenges, which are easier to face when backed by those who understand them.

Selecting A Surrogacy Agency In NJ

Before contacting a surrogate agency in NJ, it’s important to research your options. That way, you can find the right one which best shares your values and goals. Start by comparing locations and level of experience. You could also read through reviews and testimonials from previous surrogates. If you’re still unsure, reach out for a pre-consultation meeting before applying. Doing so makes certain your questions are answered and that you’ve found a trustworthy gestational carrier agency to accompany you along the journey of surrogacy.

Meeting Surrogacy Requirements and Next Steps

To be a surrogate with an agency in NJ, there are certain requirements you as an applicant must meet first. A few of the most common conditions include:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 41
  • Have delivered a child previously
  • Be raising a child of your own
  • Have a BMI of no higher than 33 (varies by IVF clinic)

If the prerequisites have been met, you can apply to the NJ surrogate office you selected. After that, you may expect to be interviewed and have a chance to go over the process of surrogacy in more detail. If all goes well, a profile is created for intended parents to look through and match with you. Once matched, the intended parents or parent meet with you to discuss expectations and compensation. Contracts are then signed and fertility treatment begins.

Put Your Trust in Us

Not all New Jersey surrogacy agencies are the same. Here at ISC, we can offer those pursuing surrogacy all the necessary support and legal counsel they’ll need from start to finish. Additionally, as more than half of our staff have been surrogates themselves, we can offer firsthand knowledge and a personal connection to those who choose to give another family a baby of their own to love and raise.

Give us a call at our NJ surrogate office or submit your application today!