Surrogacy In New York

Making another family whole through surrogacy is a beautiful experience. With love and devotion, a woman can give a couple or individual a precious gift and help build a family separate from her own. Supporting these altruistic women along their surrogacy journey takes qualified professionals who have the compassion and expertise to guide them every step of the way.

At International Surrogacy Center, our staff consists of just those kind of empathetic and dedicated people. If you’re looking for a New York surrogacy center you can trust, look no further than ISC.

The Ins and Outs of Surrogacy in New York

New York is a surrogacy-friendly state with countless success stories. A recent and very favorable New York surrogacy law known as the Child Parent Security Act has made the process even more straightforward. The law sets forth certain requirements to make the process safe and better protect both parties. Once these are met, surrogacy contracts become legal and enforceable.

Of course, as the process involves legal specifications, it’s essential to speak with an attorney familiar with New York surrogacy regulations. At ISC, we retain a practiced legal team to walk both parties through the contract process and answer every question along the way.

Surrogacy Compensation

Legally speaking, New York allows gestational carriers to receive payment for services rendered. At ISC, we believe surrogate compensation is only fitting, since women make a considerable commitment when they become surrogates. Surrogates partnering with our agency can expect to earn between $65,000 and $75,000.

Payment isn’t the only thing our surrogates have to gain. We are proud that the women we work alongside become part of our community. Together, they can participate in monthly Zoom support group meetings, spa weekends and so many more opportunities to connect with others facing the same challenges.

The Right Agency Can Make a Difference

There are many surrogate agencies in New York, so it may take time and research to find the one that best aligns with your views and goals. Be sure to carefully compare agencies, experience of the staff, client reviews and so on before making your decision. You can also reach out for a meeting to gain a more thorough understanding of how the agency operates. That way, you are positive it is the right choice.

Surrogacy Is a Step-by-Step Process

Once you’ve found an agency that fits, the next step in becoming a surrogate is to fill out an application. An interview is then scheduled to answer questions and create a profile for intended parents to look through. Once matched, a meeting is set up, the surrogate has a medical screening and, if everything goes well, the contract is signed.

Becoming an intended parent follows a similar route with a consultation to determine emotional and financial readiness before the matching process. It’s important to note that all parties must be in agreement before proceeding with the transfer of the embryo. Also, New York contracts cannot place limitations on a gestational carrier’s decisions regarding her body and medical care during the process.

Getting Started With ISC

While surrogacy is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, it’s no easy feat. It takes a lot of time and energy to nurture a growing baby for another family. Here at ISC, we thoroughly understand the demands, because more than half of our staff have been surrogates themselves. You can rely on our first-hand knowledge for guidance and know we truly appreciate your choice to become a surrogate.

Contact us today to learn more about surrogacy in New York and what we can do to support you through this incredible journey!