Oregon Surrogates

Interested in becoming a surrogate? Here at International Surrogacy Center (ISC), we strive to ensure the experience goes as smoothly as possible for both intended parents and surrogates. As a first-rate Oregon surrogacy agency, you can trust in our expertise and compassion to guide you along this journey all the way from the application process to the delivery of a beautiful baby who is a dream come true for the intended parents.

Surrogacy In Oregon

Surrogacy is truly remarkable and unlike any other experience in this world. However, the process may be complicated at times. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable and understanding care team at your side. At ISC, we provide just that kind of dedicated, knowledgeable support system to help you navigate the complexities of the process, health care, and all legal concerns.

It’s crucial anyone wishing to pursue this path understands that surrogacy laws vary by state. Fortunately, the state of Oregon permits gestational surrogacy and also grants prebirth parentage orders making the practice relatively straightforward to declare the intended parents as the legal parents of the baby before it is even born. When it comes time to draw up such contracts and official documentation, legal representation is essential. Rest assured, our network of proficient legal teams highly regarded in the surrogacy community can handle all the ins and outs for you as needed.

Reimbursement For Surrogacy

As the experience takes a lot of time, energy, and devotion, it’s only right for Oregon surrogates to receive payment for their commitment. Typically, surrogate compensation covers all the health care costs, insurance premiums, and other expenses that may arise with a surrogacy journey, along with a substantial base fee. At ISC, the surrogates we are proud to work alongside earn a minimum of $77,000 and up as we offer the most competitive surrogate benefit package in the industry, including $5,000 in sign-on bonuses.

As part of our dedication to make the experience incredible, we offer perks beyond payment. For instance, ISC surrogates become part of our growing community and can take advantage of monthly Zoom support group meetings, occasional in-person events, an active social media community, and other opportunities to connect with one another. After all, who else is best to lean on than those going through the journey at the same time or who have successfully completed surrogacy journeys?

The Right Oregon Surrogacy Agency Makes All The Difference

Just like with a doctor’s office, surrogacy agencies may differ and so too could your experience working with them. Because of this, it’s important to research the options available to find the one to best fit your goals. Oregon surrogates are encouraged to compare locations, read through reviews, and take steps to confirm an agency’s values match their own. One helpful route is to reach out for a preconsultation to go over the staff’s experience, learn more about the process, and get the answers to each and every question.

Becoming A Surrogate: The Basics

Surrogacy generally follows the same steps across the state. Once you’ve deemed an agency as a good fit, it’s time to apply. There will be certain requirements to qualify but if you are eligible, a representative will contact you for an interview. After this informational meeting and once you are ready to move forward, a profile will be created that’s used to match intended parents with you.

During matching, you’ll meet with the intended parent or parents to make sure values are aligned, agree on terms, and will later sign contracts on both sides before moving forward with the IVF portion of the process. To maintain their and the baby’s health, surrogates are expected to undergo regular medical assessments and adhere to the advice from health care professionals much like with their own pregnancies until it is time to deliver and help the intended parents welcome their child into the world.

We’d Be Delighted To Accompany You On Your Surrogacy Journey

There are many ways we stand out as a top Oregon surrogacy agency, but one of the main differentiators is our firsthand experience. Over half of our staff have been surrogates ourselves! As such, we genuinely understand the demands of surrogacy as well as its rewards. That’s part of what makes the team at ISC the best supporters for your unique surrogacy journey!

Does the opportunity to help another family grow through surrogacy seem right for you? Please reach out to us today with any questions or to learn more!