Alissandria Guzman

Alissandria is a two-time surrogate through ISC and now part of ISC’s team as a Surrogate Intake Coordinator. Alissandria is responsible for sharing all that ISC has to offer with potential surrogates, explaining what it entails to become a surrogate, and generally educating, preparing, and guiding surrogates through the intake and screening process until they are ready for matching. Alissandria loves getting to know every individual surrogate and is excited to help them begin their journey with a foundation of preparedness.

Alissandria lives in Temecula, California with her husband and two adorable sons who are in elementary school. They love baseball games, spending time outdoors, and going camping or to the beach. Alissandria loved motherhood so much that she wanted to help others who struggled to have children of their own. This passion resulted in her two surrogacy journeys. In 2021, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy for a wonderful couple she met through ISC, and in 2023-2024, Alissandria did a sibling journey to give the same family a baby girl. Alissandria is so grateful to have had the opportunity to help them grow their family and be a part of their miraculous story.

“Surrogacy has become such a big part of my life in the best way! There is truly something magical about being able to witness a parent hold their baby for the first time and knowing that you helped make that possible. Surrogacy is what also led me to this position with this wonderful company! I love being able to share my story and the best part is, I get to continue helping make family dreams come true!”