Christy Clark

Christina, or best known as “Christy”, joined our team in 2022 as Screening Coordinator. She helps IP’s and surrogates during the matching process and once they are matched, Christy gathers all the necessary information to help them get through medical screening in preparation for their journey.

Christy is the proud mom of three wonderful kids and a 4X proud surrogate. She has delivered a total of five babies including a set of twins as a surrogate for ISC. Christy is extremely passionate about helping provide IP’s and surrogates with a stress-free and enjoyable experience. She loves to advocate not only for surrogacy, but also to bring awareness to Autism. She is a Disney fanatic and loves to travel.

To see the pure love in the parent’s eyes while looking at that cute little baby after the long journey to parenthood is just the best feeling in the world, and to know I had a helping hand in it is beyond words