Francesca Ashworth

Francesca is ISC’s Surrogacy Ambassador. For over 10 years at ISC, Francesca focused on researching and finding the best possible surrogates for intended parents while preparing and guiding them through everything they need before their journey begins. Francesca is a seasoned professional, having graciously stepped in to run the entire company for 12 months between 2019 and 2020, and has developed rich relationships and rapport with a multitude of professionals within the surrogacy industry. Francesca now supports ISC staff with intake, matching, case management, and everything in between in whatever projects or initiatives arise that would benefit from her extra special touch of expertise.

Francesca grew up in the Los Angeles Valley and raised her family for many years in San Diego. She completed her bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University in Social Work and then moved to Murrieta, CA with her two daughters. After she finished college, Francesca decided to pursue something she had always wanted to do, and became a gestational surrogate in 2007. She loved her experience so much that she did it three more times. She has been a surrogate for intended parents in Germany, Spain, and the U.K. Surrogacy has always been very special to Francesca, whether it was by carrying a child for intended parents, or by helping intended parents through the process from the professional side, she knew surrogacy was her calling and has been in the surrogacy community since her first journey in 2007.

“Surrogacy is near and dear to my heart. It is something I deeply enjoyed myself and I absolutely love helping others through. I know firsthand how wonderful this journey can be, and my hope is that we can provide the guidance and support needed so every intended parent and surrogate can also have a wonderful and memorable experience.”