Heather Brooks-Heintz

Heather is a Senior Case Manager with over 5 years of Case Management experience helping both Intended Parents and Surrogates through their memorable journeys together.

Heather was born and raised in a small hometown in Western Pennsylvania and has since explored the world from Europe to the West and East coasts of the US, to now officially planting her roots with her husband of 10+ years, daughter, and cat/dog duo on the coast of North Carolina. If Heather is not helping others through work, she is most likely outdoors doing something fun and active with her family like mountain biking, going to the beach, or finding some adventure or challenge to tackle.

Having been a Surrogate twice herself, carrying two sets of boy/girl twins for two amazing couples (2018 & 2021), Heather has experienced the incredible impact that helping parents start or grow their families has, which led her to realize this is something she wanted to continue to do for others in the industry as a case manager. She did not want to stop there either; Heather recently added to her educational credentials of a master’s degree in psychology and became a certified Health and Wellness and Life Coach, so that she could further assist the surrogates that she works with to be the best version of themselves on their journeys and in life!

“Outside of having my own daughter and becoming a parent myself, there has nothing been more fulfilling then being a part of creating life and joy for deserving parents to be, and to work a long side some of the most kindhearted and selfless women out there who signed up for this astounding and rewarding sacrifice of surrogacy.”