Kim Buller

Kim is ISC’s Surrogate Intake Manager and has been with the company since 2022. Her role entails collecting medical records and documents, interviewing and screening candidates, building profiles, and preparing each surrogate on what to expect throughout the surrogacy process in general and at ISC in specific. She enjoys getting to know each individual surrogate throughout the process so they can find the perfect match.

Kim grew up in Tracy, CA and received her associate’s degree in Respiratory Therapy. After working in the field for a couple years, she decided to start her family and became a stay-at-home mom. Surrogacy was something she dreamed of since before she had her first child. She knew she wanted to wait until she was done having her own children and was finally able to pursue her dream of becoming a surrogate in 2022. Kim was a surrogate through ISC and became part of ISC’s staff during her pregnancy. She had a truly special journey and became very close with her intended parents.

Kim has two boys and they are her entire world. Kim and her family enjoy camping in their trailer, anything outdoors, going to concerts, and going on any adventures they can find! Her boys were very involved in her surrogacy journey and love explaining all about it to anyone that asks.

“I am extremely passionate about surrogacy for so many reasons. Going through my own journey and experiencing the joy of helping create a family is a feeling you can’t even put into words. Being able to work in this community professionally and watch families grow is truly a dream. I love to share my journey with every surrogate and watch their faces as they light up thinking about their journey to come!”