Maria Valencia

Maria is the Founder and Executive Chairman at ISC. Having started International Surrogacy Agency in 2011 after being a part of a joint partnership with another surrogacy agency for three years. Maria earned her bachelor’s degree in International Business and realized her passion for surrogacy while still in school when working part-time and helping a couple through their journey until they held their precious bundle of joy for the first time in their arms. That’s when she realized surrogacy was her passion!

Maria has built outstanding relationships with the best resources and has the experience and dedication to bring the dream of creating a family to life. Under Maria’s direction, the professional staff at ISC is committed to providing premier customer service and making surrogacy a unique and enjoyable journey. From the doctors, IVF clinic staff, attorneys, surrogates, and intended parents, Maria believes in building relationships with honesty, transparency, and sincere communication.

I enjoy building close relationships with my clients and seeing pictures of their families as they grow. I love spending time with my family and children, traveling, reading, and supporting organizations that care for and find homes for rescued animals.