Becoming A Surrogate For LGBTQ+ Couples

July 6, 2022

Posted In: Surrogacy

The path taken to build or expand a family is often full of unique twists and turns. This is especially true for couples in the LGBTQ+ community. For this and similar reasons, it’s not unusual for a potential surrogate to want to do what she can to help make the LGBT dreams of a baby come true.

Embarking on the journey of surrogacy takes a special person, but many who have done so found it to be exceptionally rewarding. Below is a brief look into how to become a surrogate mother for a gay couple and the value of answering this extraordinary calling yourself.

What it Means to Be a Surrogate for a LGBTQ+ Couple

Being a surrogate for a gay couple is much the same as for other couples. Like all intended parents regardless of sexuality, LGBTQ+ couples want nothing more than to have a baby to cherish and call their own. Surrogacy facilitates this by providing a biological connection through the eggs or sperm from the intended parents.

Here at International Surrogacy Center, we connect potential surrogates to intended parents through a match-making system. Once a woman has successfully met the requirements, our staff will create a surrogate profile for intended parents to review and select the match they feel fits best. There are several eligibility requirements for gestational carriers. Generally, she must have already given birth, be a certain age, in good health and have a support system to help her throughout the surrogacy.

After meeting with one another and finalizing the legal agreements, a fertilized embryo is then transferred to the chosen surrogate. This process is referred to as gestational surrogacy and the result is the surrogate has no biological relation to the child. Intended parents may also choose to use donors to create the embryo or a combination of eggs and sperm from individuals close to them. For instance, intended fathers may choose to use both partners’ sperm to fertilize multiple eggs for implantation. They may also choose to use the egg from a relative and sperm from one to create a child with genetic ties to both parents.

When a woman chooses to become a surrogate for a gay couple, she can have a tremendous impact on the LGBTQ+ community. However, there are a few more legal considerations involved. Until recently, LGBT couples were unable to adopt or pursue surrogacy and, in some states, there are still restrictions or “red tape” hindering the process. These aspects should be kept in mind for women who wish to give the incredible gift of a child to those who otherwise couldn’t have a biological child on their own.

Becoming a Surrogate with International Surrogacy Center

At ISC, we offer a supportive experience and caring environment for those interested in surrogacy for LGBTQ+ couples. As 50% of our staff members have been surrogates themselves, we have first-hand knowledge of the demands and joys the journey has in store. Please consider letting us help guide you through the amazing experience of becoming a surrogate for gay couples.

As you continue your research on the requirements or how to become a surrogate, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.