Surrogate Mother Costs & Other Expenses Involved In A Surrogacy Journey

February 1, 2024

Posted In: Surrogacy

Becoming a surrogate involves your dedication of your body and mind to help others create a family. The process also has a number of surrogate mother costs, that is, the costs to be a surrogate. Although surrogates receive compensation to help handle these costs, you should know what you can expect for your own expenses throughout the journey. With this information, you’ll have an idea of the types of costs you should prepare for before you become a surrogate.


The surrogacy process cost covers appointments and procedures, but you may have a few expenses surrounding them that you need to put in the budget. You can expect to attend several clinic appointments for check-ups and procedures related to the pregnancy, preparation for birth, and recovery. You should factor in the costs of transportation, wear and tear on your vehicle, childcare during appointments, and meals for longer days.


When you reach a certain point in your surrogacy journey, you may receive a stipend to help you pay for maternity clothing. You can choose your own clothing, but you should confirm that the places you want to shop give you enough options within the budget. Keep in mind that you may need to buy multiple sizes at various points during the pregnancy, and it is not unusual to need to replace your footwear near the end of the pregnancy.


If you work for at least part of the journey, you may experience periodic work interruptions that you’ll need to handle. Many employers offer paid time off that you can use for doctor’s appointments, procedures, and recovery time at home. If your PTO won’t cover the time you’ll need for the entire journey, you may need to talk to your employer about your options, including unpaid time off, a leave of absence, flex time, or other arrangements.


A healthy surrogacy involves a varied diet of nutritious foods and regular exercise. Some pregnancy complications require changes in diet that can increase your grocery expenses, such as gestational hypertension or gestational diabetes. Even if you don’t experience any of these, you’ll probably need to pay more for an increased caloric need and a few opportunities to indulge a craving. If you regularly attend the gym, you may need to get advice and support from a trained professional in the types of exercises that you can safely do throughout the pregnancy.


As you progress through your surrogacy, you may be more likely to need help performing the routine tasks of your daily life. These might include shopping, food preparation, cleaning, childcare, and more. To manage the workload without overwhelming yourself, you may add hiring services to your list of surrogate mother costs. You might not need to hire a full-time nanny, housekeeper, and cook, but it’s common to want a little extra help as you approach delivery. If you think about what you’ll need in advance, you can take the time to research a few options before you must rely on them.


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