How To Find A Surrogacy Agency

November 7, 2022

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Finding the right surrogacy agency can be complicated. With so many to choose from, you need to know you’ve found one that will cater to your needs, explain the process thoroughly and support you through all the ins and outs of the journey. To help make your search easier, we’ve put together a few guidelines and pointers on how to find the best surrogacy agency.

Guidelines on Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

One of the first factors to carefully consider when becoming a surrogate or egg donor is the agency’s experience. To better gauge this, it’s advised to go through the online success stories      and reviews on trusted platforms such as Google or Yelp. In addition, it is recommended to peruse the agency’s social media channels to get a feel for what the agency is like, the personalities of the staff, and the overall tone the agency emits to see if it resonates with you. Read through the agency’s website and any other resources providing insight into the history of the agency as well. These first-hand accounts are informative and may shed light on the agency’s reputation as well as whether they fit well with what you are looking for in an agency.

It’s also recommended to put together a list of questions to ask the prospective agency. Some great questions to start with are queries on the costs, the steps to the surrogacy process in general,  and what types of support the agency offers.  Another good topic to bring up is the agency’s experience with the process in your state, since surrogacy is controlled at the state level and there are quite a few fine points to navigate for a smooth surrogacy journey.      

Another factor to look for is if the agency emphasizes the importance of healthy and positive interpersonal relationships. The surrogacy process goes much smoother when a good rapport is maintained between the intended parents, surrogate, and relevant journey professionals (such as doctors, attorneys, and case managers to name a few) . As such, the agency should encourage and facilitate all parties to be communicative and committed to a consistent level of contact.  Often this commitment to healthy dialogue can help develop strong relationships that last long after the baby is born.    

Something else to consider is the location of the agency in relation to what type of agency interaction you are looking for. For example, is having a local surrogacy agency with a physical office nearby important to you? Do you hope to attend support group meetings in person or to be able to develop a close relationship with your case worker by stopping in to say hi after medical appointments? Or, if you are open to an established agency that doesn’t have an office near you, does the agency offer virtual meetings you can attend or offer to visit you at some point during the journey? Once you have determined your comfortability with a local or non-local agency, comparing your wishes to what the agency offers is an important way to set yourself up for success.

Lastly, you’ll want the agency you choose to be accommodating to your specific needs. These requirements could relate to your location in the U.S. or abroad, matching preferences (such as sexual orientation, medical history, or marital status), or any number of individualistic variables. By opting for an agency that has experience with a wide array of clients, people often feel more reassured during the journey and report a positive overall experience from feeling their needs were valued by the agency.    

While the hunt for a trusted agency may be confusing and even time-consuming, locating one you experience a connection with and that you can depend on is essential. After all, choosing to become a gestational carrier or make your family whole with the help of one is a major life decision. You don’t want just anyone by your side — you want the one that is the very best fit for you . Hopefully these pointers on finding a surrogacy agency get you started off on the right track.

Find the Right Fit With ISC

While continuing your search for the “best surrogacy agencies near me,” be sure to keep the professionals here at International Surrogacy Center in mind. We have the expertise to help guide you along this remarkable journey, whether you’re looking to add a new family member or thinking of becoming a surrogate for someone else. As a matter of fact,  about 80% of our staff members have been gestational carriers  ourselves, giving  us first-hand knowledge on how to find a surrogacy agency you can trust.

For further information, we have a handy search by state breakdown detailing the laws and statutes of each state. You can also reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!