Is Being A Surrogate Hard?

September 21, 2022

Posted In: Surrogacy

Many women who are considering surrogacy ask, “is it hard to be a surrogate mother?” That isn’t an easy question to answer as it certainly varies for every woman who has been willing to give her time, energy, and body to a baby that isn’t her own.

You may be asking yourself, “is it hard to be a surrogate?” To help, here are realistic factors every woman should keep in mind when contemplating surrogacy.

Not Everyone Is Up to the Challenge

First, it’s important to understand that taking on the challenge of surrogacy isn’t an easy feat. It requires a woman to be selfless, patient, and, most of all, compassionate toward people who previously weren’t in her life. It also calls for her to have a devoted support system and thick skin because surrogacy can be stigmatized due to misconceptions and social ideations.

There are also certain requirements a woman must meet to be a candidate for surrogacy. However, even after qualifying and passing the various screenings, she must still determine for herself if she is well equipped enough for the physical, mental, and emotional journey that is surrogacy. To know if she is truly ready takes time, as thoroughly weighing the pros and cons of surrogacy for herself is essential.

Risks Come With the Reward

Addressing the question, “how hard is it to be a surrogate mother?” means taking a close look at the various emotional elements, financial advantages, and physical factors involved in the process. There are, of course, the demands of medical testing and screenings necessary to ensure a woman is fit to carry a baby to term. Such assessment is extensive and may feel invasive.

Also, there are the physical demands of conception, pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery. These demands include, but are not limited to, taking medications, undergoing IVF treatments, attending regular checkups, and following procedures directed by medical professionals at the behest of the intended parents.

Another factor that must be considered is the process is a lengthy one. From start to finish, the process typically takes 12 months or longer. Such time commitments not only affect the gestational carrier, but also possibly her family as she may not be cleared to travel close to the due date.

Keep in mind, there are health risks to consider. Just as with any pregnancy, there could be complications. A prospective surrogate must be emotionally prepared for potential difficulties, as well as termination if necessary.

The reality is being a surrogate can be hard in many respects for women who aren’t prepared for all the process may have in store. What’s more, as each surrogacy journey and pregnancy is unique, it’s difficult to help a woman fully understand the risks and potential outcomes. That being said, giving the gift of a baby to a family who desperately wants a child may be one of the most fulfilling and profoundly beautiful experiences of her life.

Navigating the Surrogacy Journey Together

Here at International Surrogacy Center, we understand the potential hardships of becoming a gestational carrier firsthand as over 50% of our staff members have been surrogate mothers. Our team knows the necessary surrogacy steps backwards and forwards as they’ve either taken the journey themselves or helped someone else face the challenge. Having this strong grasp on the subject allows us to give surrogates and intended families all the support they need.

If you’re interested in being a surrogate, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this wonderful, altruistic undertaking.